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June, 2008 —[US/Eng]— Aurelio Martinez Rolex Mentor and Protégé Arts Initiative
Prestigious grant unites African music legend Youssou N'Dour with rising Honduran star for an exciting year of artistic collaboration

June, 2008 —[MX/Esp]— Umalali Milenio
Sonidos de Belice

June, 2008 —[GR/Deu]— Umalali Blue Rhythm
UMALALI: The Garifuna Women's Project, by Knut Henkel

May, 2008 —[UK/Eng]— Umalali fRoots Magazine
Umalali Onwards, Even the tragic death of Andy Palacio can't mask the triumph of producer Ivan Duran's Umalali Project showcasing Garifuna Women, by Peter Culshaw

May, 2008 —[UK/Eng]— Garifuna/Ivan Echoes
Enduring Duran, Feature on Producer Ivan Duran, by Kevin Le Gendre

May, 2008 —[GR/Deu]— Umalali Die Tageszeitgung
Weltmusik: Soul der schwarzen Karibik, by Knut Henkel

May, 2008 —[US/Eng]— Paul Nabor Christian Science Monitor

May, 2008 —[BE/Eng-Fra-Deu]— Umalali b.Sprit! Magazine, Brussels Airlines
UMALALI: The Garifuna Women's Project, by Lauren Ho

Apr, 2008 —[FR/Fra]— Umalali Vibrations
Road Movie, by Elisabeth Stoudmann

Apr, 2008 —[FR/Fra]— Andy P. Télérama
Le réveil des Garifunas, by Éliane Azoulay, Photos by Zach Stovall

Apr, 2008 —[AUS/Deu]— Andy P./Umalali Profil
Weltmusik: Aus dem Geist des Schaukelstuhls

Apr, 2008 —[FR/Fra]— Umalali Mondomix
Umalali Review

Apr, 2008 —[FR/Fra]— Umalali Le Monde
Chants de femmes à Belize, by Patrick Labesse, photos by Sarah Weeden

Apr, 2008 —[UK/Eng]— Andy P. Daily Telegraph
Honouring the man who gave the world the gift of Garifuna music, by Peter Culshaw

Apr, 2008 —[US/Eng]— Andy P. Caribbean Travel & Life Magazine
The Voice of the People, Feature on Andy Palacio, by Dave Herndon, Photos by Zach Stovall

Apr, 2008 —[US/Eng]— Andy P. Caribbean Travel & Life Magazine
Travel Log, by Dave Herndon, Editor

Mar, 2008 —[US/Eng]— Garifuna CNN Traveler Magazine
CNN World Report: Spread the Word, Feature on the Garifuna in Belize, by Irwin Loy

Feb, 2008 —[UK/Eng]— Garifuna SHOOK Magazine
The Way of the Garifuna, by Andy Thomas

Feb, 2008 —[UK/Eng]— Andy P. Observer Music Monthly
A Spiritual Hero, Obituary for Andy Palacio, by Peter Culshaw

Feb, 2008 —[US/Eng]— Andy P.
WATINA: The sound of Belize, please, by Marty Lipp

Jan, 2008 —[Eng]— Andy P. Very Short List
WATINA: A fascinating musical mash-up

Jan, 2008 —[US/Eng]— Andy P. THE BEAT, Cover Story
Andy Palacio, The Pride of the Garifuna, by CC Smith

2007 —[AUS/Deu]— Andy P. NOW
Andy Palacio: Der musiker aus Belize setzt mit seinem faszinierenden neuen longplayer ein weltweites lebenszeichen fur die Garifuna-kultur, by Fredi Themel

Dec, 2007 —[US/Eng]— Umalali/Andy P. Global Rhythm Magazine, Cover Story
Women's Work: The Garifuna Women's Project, by Michael Stone, photos by Tony Rath

Nov, 2007 —[UK/Eng]— Andy P. Songlines Magazine
Andy Palacio, Spearheading the development of music from Central America's Garifuna community, by Sue Steward

Nov, 2007 —[US/Eng]— Garifuna/Ivan Los Angeles Times
Helping a Country to Raise its Voices, Ivan Duran & the Garifuna, by Reed Johnson

Summer, 2007 —[UK/Eng]— Andy P. Songlines Magazine
The African Sound of the Atlantic Coast, Top of the World Album, by Alex Robinson

Jun, 2007 —[FR/Fra]— Andy P. Mondomix
L'âme du Bélize, by Yannis Ruel, photos by Tim O'Malley

2007 —[US/Eng]— Andy P. Head Butler
Watina: Andy Palacio & the Garifuna Collective, review by Jesse Kornbluth

June, 2007 —[Eng]— Andy P. WORLD MUSIC CHARTS
WATINA tops the world music charts in Europe

May, 2007 —[NETH]— Andy P. De Volkskrant
WATINA: Wereldmuziek: Lichtvoetig, Maar Tragisch

Mar, 2007 —[GR/Deu]— Andy P. JAZZTHETIK
Andy Palacio: Eine neue Saite der "Weltmusik", by Von Thorsten Bednarz, photos by Tim O'Malley


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