About Stonetree Records
   Celebrating 10 years of music   

Not just another small independent record label in the Caribbean… Since 1995 we've been producing the best music from Belize and the region.

Founded by musician/producer Ivan Duran, and based in Benque Viejo town in western Belize, the Stonetree team is dedicated to actively promoting the region's unique musical styles and encouraging the preservation of Belize's traditional music: including that of the Garifuna, Creole, Maya, and Mestizo cultures. But we're by no means just archivists. We also support the ongoing development of new and unique musical styles, and foster experimentation and creativity.
Over the years we have also been very active in having our music recognized on the world music scene. We have attended WOMEX (World-wide Music Expo) every year since 1997 and we are constantly working to have our artists perform at festivals around the world.
Some projects in the pipeline for 2005 are the further development of Garifuna music with the production of two exciting new records, the Garifuna All Star Band and the Garifuna Women's Voices project, which features Garifuna women from Belize, Honduras, Guatemala and Nicaragua. We continue to contribute to the revival of Belizean Creole music through The Creole Experience recording project and are also working on a musical archive project to help preserve Belize's musical heritage.
Everything we do is a labor of love for the music of this region, and we hope it shows.
Let us know, and expect to hear a lot more new and exciting music from this beautiful part of the world.
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