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    Three Kings of Belize
Three Kings of Belize: Page Coming Soon. -- STR
This moving and candid film merges three unique cultures— and three unique men—into a testament of love through music.

Paul Nabor, fisherman and legendary Garifuna composer from Punta Gorda, has played the same guitar for 53 years. Florencio Mess, a farmer from the Maya village of San Pedro Columbia, still makes and plays the traditional musical instruments of his people. Wilfred Peters, Creole accordionist from Belize City, uses his endless energy and humour as an antidote for old age. This film captures the everyday life of these music men and their struggle to hold on to the way of life they cherish. A uniquely Belizean story with a universal message.
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   The Story

Photo by: Katia Paradis

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